Party hosting tips: How to entertain kids at home

by Help A Vet Realty LLC 07/07/2024

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It can be tricky to think of ideas for how to entertain kids at home. It can be especially tricky to keep children entertained at a party where the adults are trying to relax with their peers. Despite the difficulty, it’s important to think beyond the “kid’s table.” 

The more you can do to facilitate kids having fun at your party, the more everybody can enjoy their time. If you’re searching for ideas, here are some expert tips for keeping kids busy:

Indoor activities

Weather and space permitting, playing outdoors is often ideal for keeping kids entertained. However, there isn’t always enough room or good weather to allow for it. Having designated indoor activities you can facilitate for children will help them stay busy even if they can’t run around.

Some great examples include building with block toys, completing a scavenger hunt, playing dress-up, having an indoor picnic and singing kid’s karaoke. Building an indoor obstacle course or fort with pillows, blankets and sheets is a classic option for both younger and older kids.

Encourage creativity

Keeping art supplies available is another key to entertaining children at home. Both young kids and older teens can occupy themselves with drawing, coloring or craft projects if given the opportunity and supplies. Some basic supplies include craft paper, markers, glitter and glue. 

Add in additional elements like paper towel rolls, washable clay and pipe cleaners to inspire budding sculptors to create their next masterpiece.

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While these are only a few suggestions for fun activities to entertain kids at home, they are a great starting point. Keep these ideas in mind, so you always know how to help kids play.